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Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit, NKRO Membrane, Programmable G-Keys, N-Key Rollover


  • USB
  • Wired
  • Black
  • Membrane
  • 6 programmable G-Keys
  • Full Key Back light
  • 230 x 487 x 40mm

Product Description

The Membrane Revolution

The Revolution is Here
The COUGAR 500K is nothing less than a full revolution in the gaming keyboard market. A fully featured gaming keyboard, loaded with all the functionality you are ever going to need for both enthusiast and pro level gaming. All this with the COUGAR design that has already changed the way gaming peripherals are seen. A Full-NKRO Membrane Keyboard that shatters forever the limits of what this class of keyboards was thought capable of.

The 500K is the first membrane keyboard ever to be able to compete face to face, in any kind of environment, with high end mechanical keyboards several times its price. Its Full NKRO, reliability, ultra-fast reaction speed and professional level functionality are totally state-of-the-art technology that will take you to the apex of the gaming food chain

Dedicated Function Keys + 6 G-Keys

All the keys you need
The COUGAR 500K provides dedicated keys for frequently required functionality and 6 extra G-Keys to add any extra function, macro or shortcut you might need. The dedicated function keys allow for easy access to:

Media controls (Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Backward, Mute, Volume + and Volume-) Backlight control: It allows you to switch between the off, 33%, 66%, 100% and breathing backlight modes. Windows Key function lock: Avoid accidentally kicking yourself out of games. Macro Recording Key: Record macros on the fly directly from the game. 3Mode Switch Keys: The 500K can store internally up to 3 full profiles. Switch modes quickly with these keys.

The 6 G-Keys are located in carefully selected locations so as to avoid interfering with the normal use of the keyboard, guaranteeing that the user will only click them when he intends to.

On-the-fly Mode Switch

Three dedicated keys allow you to switch configuration profiles instantly with a single movement, without getting out of the game. Thanks to 500K’s on board memory and 3 internally stored configuration profiles, you will be able to bring a massive amount of functions with you anywhere you go.

COUGAR 500K - On-the-fly Mode Switch