Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse, 8200 dpi, 3 Profiles, 16.8 Million Colour LED, Gaming Features, Black


  • USB
  • Wired
  • Black
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • 1.8m Braided Cable
  • 8200 dpi
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Product Description

Smooth & Lethal

COUGAR 600M has been designed with the clear objective of offering gamers a mouse that can both provide state-of-the-art technology, all the features necessary to enhance the gaming experience and an aesthetically pleasing design. Its premium components (OMRON switches, ADNS-9800 Sensor, premium quality soft touch surface) guarantee a flawless performance during gameplay, and its 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB on-board storage provide virtually instantaneous responses and the possibility, without depending on any computer or external device, of keeping up to 3 full configuration profiles stored on board. Aesthetically, this mouse is very stylish and has a unique feature in that the left mouse button is a floating key with a big LED backlight that can display up to 16.8 million colors.

COUGAR 600M - Smooth & Lethal

When Precision Met Speed

8200 DPI Sensor + 32-Bit CPU + 1000Hz Polling Rate
These features alone sweep away most competitors. Very simply: The 600M is more precise registering your movements, smoother processing your commands and using its functions, and faster transmitting input to the computer than 90% of mice on the market.

COUGAR 600M - State of the Art ADNS-9800 Laser SensorCOUGAR 600M - 32-Bit ARM CPUCOUGAR 600M - 1000Hz Polling Rate

8 Fully Configurable Buttons

The 600M has a total of 8 fully configurable buttons (including 45° Sniper Button) for you to associate with any function you want. If we take into account the up to 3 configurable profiles that can be stored in the mouse´s internal memory, this means that we can access up to 27 different functions with a single hand. Apart from the Sniper Button, there is also a dedicated button for easily switching DPI modes. All the buttons have been carefully located and designed to optimize the user´s comfort and minimize the distance the user’s fingers need to move through to reach functions.


COUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable ButtonsCOUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable ButtonsCOUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable ButtonsCOUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable ButtonsCOUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable ButtonsCOUGAR 600M - 8 Fully Configurable Buttons

45° Sniper Button: Precise Lethality

Among the 8 buttons of the 600M is the 45° Sniper Button, designed to allow you to quickly switch between DPI modes to rapidly increase accuracy or speed. Most mice on the market implement this feature in a way that defeats its purpose, since pressing it affects the mouse’s movements. The COUGAR 600M gets around this with a 45° design that gives the user full precision.